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Excelling in exams has always been the biggest dream of good students. The average students just want to pass the exams, but intelligent and bright students want to get the best grades in their exams so that they can have a successful career in the future. 

But getting good grades is not a piece of cake. In the past, cramming was used as a tool to get good grades. Students used to cram the whole textbook with all the topics. Knowing all the answers earned them high scores. Now, the situation is completely different. In the modern testing strategy, the students are tested for their thinking capabilities, problem solving skills, and strategies to face challenging situations. Therefore, to meet the present testing demands, test banks are created. 

What Is A Test Bank?

A Test bank is a compilation of exam questions that were included in the past exam papers. By chance or with intention, these exam questions get onto the internet and from there, they are collected in the form of Test Banks. These Test Banks are intended to help the future students looking forward to a resource to help prepare well for exams. Not only the students but the teachers and professors also use test banks to prepare their lectures and to make quizzes and exam papers as well. 

The test bank is one of the best means to prepare the exam questions and manage them in a limited time before the exams. Over time when the students do not study regularly, a heap of questions builds up gradually, and the students find no way to get this burden off their shoulders. At this time, the test bank helps them. With a test bank, you can find all your exam questions in managed and organized form. The questions are available at one place for easy access for everyone.

Benefits of a Test Bank

A test bank is an equally important exam resource material for students and teachers. It is a place where the past questions are available in an organized form and can be easily accessed. The main benefits of a test bank are as follows. 


  • The students learn how to prepare for modern testing strategies. 
  • The students can secure A+ grades in the tests and exams.
  • It provides a chance to cover and understand more topics in less time. 
  • It provides access to test bank content all the time. 
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts ensure extraordinary performance in exams. 
  • The students can set a 100% score target and achieve it with a test bank.
  • The teachers have to spend less effort and time preparing the lectures, quizzes, and exams. They can dedicate this time to better teaching. 

What is a Solution Manual?

A solution manual is a book that contains solutions to the problems, theories, and case studies. A solution manual focuses only on answers. It does not help the students understand the concept and then find the answers. A solution manual makes students lazy and does not provoke them to use their brains to find the solution to a problem or answer a question. 

Difference Between A Test Bank & Solution Manual

A test bank contains exam test questions from past papers. It helps students comprehend the topic and also includes answers at the end. On the other hand, a solution manual is just a solution book that contains an answer to the textbook questions or a solution to the mathematical problems and case studies. 

Which is Better?

If the students want to focus on conceptual learning and dream of a successful career, they must go for test banks to prepare for exams. A solution manual will not support their learning capabilities. It will rather make them focus on a short-time goal, to get success in exams.

Final Words

Test banks and solution manuals both are available online. Now, it is the choice of students. Whether they are focusing on better learning to get successful or on better grades for a better future, this short-time and long-time goal setting hold a significant position in our lives. So choose wisely. 

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