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Software Engineering A Practitioner’s Approach 8th Edition by Roger S. Pressman – Test Bank

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Software Engineering A Practitioner’s Approach 8th Edition by Roger S. Pressman – Test Bank

Chapter 11 – Test Questions

  1. What are the steps needed to build a behavioral model?

Answer (Section 11.1)

  • Evaluate the use-cases to understand the interaction sequence within the system.
  • Identify events that drive the interaction sequence and how the events relate to specific objects.
  • Create an event trace for each use-case.
  • Build a state transition diagram for the system.
  • Review the object-behavior model to verify accuracy and consistency.
  1. How should analysis patterns be documented once they are discovered?

Answer (Section 11.4)

The pattern documentation contains a description of the problem, the prescribed solution, assumptions, constraints, motivations, driving forces, advantages, disadvantages, and references to know applications.

  1. Describe the contents of the WebApp content, functional, interaction, and configuration models.

Answer (Section 11.5.3):

  • Content model – structural elements that represent WebApp content requirements (UML class diagrams)
  • Functional model – user observable behavior delivered to end-users and operations contained in analysis classes to implement class behaviors (UML activity diagrams)
  • Interaction model – indicates how users make use of the WebApp content and functionality (use-cases, UML sequence diagrams, state diagrams, user interface prototype)
  • Configuration model – may be a list of server-side and client-side attributes required for the WebApp (UML deployment diagrams)

Final Exam Questions

  1. Under what circumstances should requirements modeling be utilized for Web or mobile apps?

Answer (Section 11.5)

  • Large or complex app to be built
  • Large number of stakeholders
  • Large number developers onapp team
  • Development team members have not worked together before
  • App success will have strong bearing on success of company


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