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Principles of Management and Leadership By Satterlee 1st Edition- Test Bank

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Principles of Management and Leadership By Satterlee 1st Edition- Test Bank

Chapter 08

Matching Questions
1. Decentralized organizational structure
2. KANBAN clusters
3. Supply chain management
4. Just-in-time production or systems
5. Operation Level Decisions
6. Raw materials
7. The value chain
8. Strategic planning level decisions
9. ISO
10. Total Quality Management (TQM)
11. Global outsourcing
12. Kaizen
13. Processes
14. Productivity
15. Network level decisions
16. Operational bottleneck
17. Capacity
18. Theory of constraints
19. 3PLs
20. Centralized organizational structure
Matching Answers
1. Allows decision making authority to occur where the decisions are to be made; promoting innovation, initiative, and teamwork
2. Holds the distance between the supplier and the manufacturing hub as a key focus in the acquisition of raw materials
3. Constraint management, concurrent planning, global insight, advance warning, built-in business optimization
4. Business should hold slight or zero inventory outside what is necessary for immediate production/distribution
5. Demand forecasting, inventory management, production, procurement, transportation, warehousing
6. Items that are used in the manufacturer’s conversion process to produce components, subassemblies, or finished products.
7. The acquisition of raw materials, finished goods manufacturing, and distribution channels
8. Performance objectives, degree of vertical integration, outsourcing within supply chain, what will be measured
9. A codification or assurance of quality; include 9000/9001:2015
10. Tool used in managing of the total production process to generate an exceptional product or service
11. Acquire raw materials from the most cost effective sources in the world
12. Management technique involves incremental improvements to a process rather than a single overpowering change
13. Include procurement (purchasing), distribution channels, and the following areas requiring management
14. Ratio of output as it relates to input—the conversion of inputs or resources into outputs of merchandise or services
15. Degree of centralization/decentralization, hierarchy, and number of echelons
16. The slowest process in a multistep production process that limits total output
17. Total amount of products that can be produced by the entire operation in a given amount of time
18. Greater gain comes from identifying which parts of the process is a constraint to the whole
19. Manage noncritical process within an organization an can contribute to nearly all aspects of an organization
20. Provides control, stability, and the potential for highly


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