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Principles of Animal Physiology 3rd Edition By Christopher D.Moyes, Test Bank

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Principles of Animal Physiology 3rd Edition By Christopher D.Moyes, Test Bank

Chapter 10 Immune Systems

1) The natural hosts for the myxoma virus are
A) South American jungle rabbits.
B) North American rabbits.
C) European rabbits.
D) native Australian rabbits.
Answer: A
Page Ref: 415

2) The myxoma virus is transmitted from one rabbit to another
A) in drinking water.
B) by predators.
C) by blood-sucking insects.
D) by interaction with other herbivores.
Answer: C
Page Ref: 415

3) An animal can increase its risk of contracting a pathogen as a result of
A) a cut in the skin.
B) a decrease in secretion of mucus.
C) interactions with symbiotic organisms.
D) A and B
Answer: D
Page Ref: 415

4) Lymphoid stem cells give rise to
A) natural killer cells.
B) mast cells.
C) basophils.
D) platelets and B cells.
Answer: A
Page Ref: 416

5) Which cells are named for their function?
A) lymphocytes
B) phagocytes, macrophages
C) granulocytes
D) T cells and B cells
Answer: B
Page Ref: 416

6) The innate immune system
A) is a collection of defenses that is found in all animals, including sponges.
B) remains ready until it is needed, and responds without specificity to the type of pathogen.
C) is also referred to as an induced immune system.
D) can increase the intensity of the immune response when a pathogen is detected a second time.
Answer: B
Page Ref: 417

7) What do macrophages and neutrophils have in common?
A) Both kill pathogens by phagocytosis.
B) Both are polymorphonuclear cells.
C) Both are derived from lymphoblasts.
D) Both secrete cytotoxic agents.
Answer: A
Page Ref: 417 (Table 10.1)

8) Invertebrates such as grasshoppers have
A) both innate and adaptive immune systems.
B) both innate and adaptive immune systems, but the adaptive system is more important.
C) only an innate immune system.
D) only an adaptive immune system.
Answer: C
Page Ref: 417

9) Which of the following statements is correct?
A) From an evolutionary perspective, the adaptive immune system is older than the innate immune system.
B) Viruses contain a cell wall composed of B-glucans.
C) Phagocytic cells secrete cytotoxic compounds and initiate apoptosis.
D) Once animals detect pathogen-associated molecular patterns, an immune response is initiated.
Answer: D
Page Ref: 418

10) Which of the following statements is correct with respect to toll-like receptors (TLRs)?
A) Some of the TLRs found in fish are homologous to those in humans.
B) Mice and humans have the same TLRs since both are mammals.
C) Early deuterostomes, such as sea urchins, do not possess any TLRs.
D) A and C
Answer: A
Page Ref: 419

11) Which are the main types of phagocytes involved in the innate immune response?
A) macrophages and neutrophils
B) macrophages and basophils
C) neutrophils and B cells
D) basophils and eosinophils
Answer: A
Page Ref: 420

12) Neutrophils
A) are the least abundant of the leukocytes in mammals.
B) stain dark blue by the histological H&E stain.
C) use both phagocytosis and secretion of antimicrobial agents to destroy microbes.
D) B and C
Answer: C
Page Ref: 420-421



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