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Prescriber’s Guide: Antidepressants: Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology 6th Ed. Test Bank

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  • ISBN-13: 978-1108436229
  • ISBN-10: 1108436226
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Author: Stephen M. Stahl


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Prescriber’s Guide: Antidepressants: Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology 6th Ed. Test Bank

Table of Content

1. acamprosate;
2. agomelatine;
3. alprazolam;
4. amisulpride;
5. amitriptyline;
6. amoxapine;
7. amphetamin (d);
8. amphetamine (d,l);
9. aripiprazole;
10. armodafinil;
11. asenapine;
12. atomoxetine;
13. benztropine;
14. blonanserin;
15. bremelanotide;
16. brexanolone;
17. brexpiprazole;
18. buprenorphine;
19. bupropion;
20. buspirone;
21. caprylidene;
22. carbamazepine;
23. cariprazine;
24. chlordiazepoxide;
25. chlorpromazine;
26. citalopram;
27. clomipramine;
28. clonazepam;
29. clonidine;
30. clorazepate;
31. clozapine;
32. cyamemazine;
33. desipramine;
34. desvenlafaxine;
35. deutetrabenazine;
36. dextromethorphan;
37. diazepam;
38. diphenhydramine;
39. disulfiram;
40. donepezil;
41. dothiepin;
42. doxepin;
43. duloxetine;
44. escitalopram;
45. esketamine;
46. estazolam;
47. eszopiclone;
48. flibanserin;
49. flumazenil;
50. flunitrazepam;
51. fluoxetine;
52. flupenthixol;
53. fluphenazine;
54. flurazepam;
55. fluvoxamine;
56. gabapentin;
57. galantamine;
58. guanfacine;
59. haloperidol;
60. hydroxyzine;
61. iloperidone;
62. imipramine;
63. isocarboxazid;
64. ketamine;
65. lamotrigine;
66. levetiracetam;
67. lemborexant;
68. levomilnacipran;
69. lisdexamfetamine;
70. lithium;
71. lofexidine;
72. lofepramine;
73. loflazeptate;
74. lorazepam;
75. loxapine;
76. lumateperone;
77. lurasidone;
78. maprotiline;
79. memantine;
80. methylfolate (l);
81. methylphenidate (d);
82. methylphenidate (d,l);
83. mianserin;
84. midazolam;
85. milnacipran;
86. mirtazapine;
87. moclobemide;
88. modafinil;
89. molindone;
90. nalmefene;
91. naltrexone;
92. naltrexone-bupropion;
93. nefazodone;
94. nortriptyline;
95. olanzapine;
96. oxazepam;
97. oxcarbazepine;
98. paliperidone;
99. paroxetine;
100. perospirone;
101. perphenazine;
102. phenelzine;
103. phentermine-topiramate;
104. pimavanserin;
105. pimozide;
106. pipothiazine;
107. pitolisant;
108. prazosin;

109. pregabalin;

110. propranolol;
111. protriptyline;
112. quazepam;
113. quetiapine;
114. ramelteon;
115. reboxetine;
116. risperidone;
117. rivastigmine;
118. selegiline;
119. sertindole;
120. sertraline;
121. sildenafil;
122. sodium oxybate;
123. solriamfetol;
124. sulpiride;
125. suvorexant;
126. tasimelteon;
127. temazepam;
128. thioridazine;
129. thiothixene;
130. tiagabine;
131. tianeptine;
132. topiramate;
133. tranylcypromine;
134. trazodone;
135. triazolam;
136. trifluoperazine;
137. trihexyphenidyl;
138. triiodothyronine;
139. trimipramine;
140. valbenazine;
141. valproate;
142. varenicline;
143. venlafaxine;
144. vilazodone;
145. vortioxetine;
146. zaleplon;
147. ziprasidone;
148. zolpidem;
149. zonisamide;
150. zopiclone;
151. zotepine;
152. zuclopenthixol;

Prescriber’s Guide- Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology 6th Edition Test Bank

Chapter Questions on Alcohol abstinence/Alcohol dependence/Alcohol withdrawal
A client has been prescribed naltrexone (Trexan) for treatment of alcohol dependence. The nurse
has explained the drugs purpose to the client. The nurse determines that the client has understood
the instructions when the client identifies which of the following about the drug?
Causes itching if alcohol is consumed
Produces the euphoria of alcohol
Reduces the appeal of alcohol
Improves appetite and nutritional status
An adolescent client tells the nurse that he or she occasionally sniffs airplane glue. When
discussing the effects of long-term use of inhalants, which of the following would the nurse most
likely include?
Tremors and CNS arousal
Enhanced normal heart rhythms
Enhanced attention focus and memory
Brain damage and cognitive abnormalities
A client tells the nurse that he is committed to trying to quit smoking. When teaching the client
about smoking cessation, which of the following would the nurse include?
Success usually involves more than one type of intervention.
Relapse is fairly rare within the first year of quitting.
Ear acupressure is a highly proven method for quitting.
Education is key for smoking cessation.
The nurse is completing the admission of a client who is seeking treatment for alcoholism. He
tells the nurse that the last time he had any alcohol to drink was at 10:00 AM before he left for
the hospital. The nurse closely monitors the client. Which of the following would lead the nurse
to suspect that the client is experiencing stage 1 of alcohol withdrawal syndrome? Select all that
Slight diaphoresis
Hand tremors
Intermittent confusion
Heart rate of 135 beats/min
Normal blood pressure
A nurse is talking with a 57-year-old client who has been a heavy drinker for many years. The
client is being treated for alcoholism, and this is her second week as an inpatient on the
psychiatric unit. It is 5:00 AM, and the client has been having difficulty sleeping. The client is an
orthopedic nurse, and although she is clothed in a hospital-issued gown and robe, she is wearing
a stethoscope around her neck that the nurse recognizes as belonging to one of the staff nurses.
When the nurse asks her why she is wearing the stethoscope and where she got it, the client gives
her a long and involved reply that basically describes how her nursing supervisor came to visit
and gave it to her to wear so shed remember to get well. The nurse suspects that the client may
be experiencing which of the following?
Wernickes syndrome
Delirium tremens
Korsakoffs psychosis
Malignant hyperthermia
A nurse is using motivational therapy with a female client with alcoholism. The client, who is
unwilling to consider changing her drinking behavior, emphatically states, I am not an alcoholic;
you cant make me stop drinking. Which response by the nurse would be most appropriate?
You have to stop drinking and driving; you could kill someone.


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