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Practical Law Office Management 4th Edition by Donnes – Test Bank

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Practical Law Office Management 4th Edition by Donnes – Test Bank

  1. Many law offices, even small ones, hire marketing consultants, advertising agencies, and others to assist them with their legal marketing efforts.​

*a. True

  1. False
  1. The landmark Supreme Court case that allowed legal advertising was Bates v. State Bar of Arizona.

*a. True

  1. False
  1. Marketing and advertising are the same thing.​
  1. True

*b. False

  1. The quality of the services a law firm provides has no effect on the firm’s marketing efforts.​
  1. True

*b. False

  1. Conducting research is an important part of any marketing plan.​

*a. True

  1. False
  1. Tracking how new clients came to the firm is not important, as long as they keep their business with the firm.​
  1. True

*b. False

  1. Attorneys are free to use any form of advertising, as long as it is not misleading or false.​

*a. True

  1. False
  1. An attorney may directly solicit a prospective client if the attorney has a family, close personal, or prior professional relationship with the prospective client.​

*a. True

  1. False
  1. The goals of marketing are to ____________________.​
  1. increase client loyalty​
  2. ​improve the firm’s competitiveness in the marketplace
  3. ​create goodwill and interest in the firm
  4. ​create positive name recognition

*e. ​all of the above

  1. Cross-selling refers to _______________________________.​
  1. ​selling services to clients across different industries

*b. ​selling additional services to existing clients

  1. ​selling services to friends and relatives
  2. ​a and c
  3. ​none of the above
  1. The ability to bring in new clients to a law office is called ______________________.​
  1. advertising​

*b. ​rainmaking

  1. ​cross-selling
  2. ​cross-marketing
  3. ​none of the above
  1. ​A marketing plan specifies _____________.
  1. ​who the target audience is
  2. the goals of the plan​
  3. ​a detailed strategy of the how the goals will be achieved

*d. ​all of the above

  1. ​none of the above
  1. When it comes to law firm Web sites, ________________.​

*a. ​content is king

  1. graphics are most important​
  2. ​flash presentations are the best
  3. ​the best site is the one with the most links
  4. ​none of the above
  1. When it comes to marketing, existing clients are _________________.​
  1. ​not that important
  2. ​valuable, in that they can bring you additional business
  3. ​valuable, in that they can refers others to your firm
  4. ​a strain, in that they take up valuable time

*e. ​b and c

  1. When it comes to marketing and advertising, law firm ads _____________.​
  1. ​can be misleading, but they cannot be false

*b. ​must be completely truthful

  1. ​can tout a recent victory even if it might create an expectation that the same result can be achieved
  2. ​all of the above
  3. ​none of the above
  1. When it comes to marketing and advertising, law firms _____________.​
  1. ​can use radio or television, but not both
  2. ​cannot use newspapers
  3. ​can have an Internet site, but it must be shut down for at least one day per week
  4. ​cannot advertise on the radio

*e. ​none of the above

  1. When it comes to marketing and advertising, an attorney may NOT solicit a prospective client ___________.​
  1. ​in person whom he or she does not know
  2. ​live, or over the phone, whom he or she does not know
  3. ​in any way if it involves coercion, duress, or harassment

*d. ​all of the above

  1. ​none of the above
  1. Strong legal Internet sites _________________.​
  1. ​focus on the client
  2. ​allow content to become old
  3. ​demonstrate the firm’s experience
  4. ​do not need a search function

*e. ​a and c


[a] 1. ​Selling additional services to existing clients.

[b] 2. ​The process of educating consumers on the legal and business activities a firm uses to deliver quality and ethical legal services.

[c] 3. ​It specifies a target audience the firm is trying to reach, lists the exact goals that the marketing program is to accomplish, and establishes a detailed strategy for how the goals will be achieved.

[d] 4. ​Bringing in new clients to a law office.

  1. ​cross-selling
  2. ​legal marketing
  3. ​marketing plan
  4. ​rainmaking
  1. Why can’t attorneys publicize the fact that they may have won particular types of cases in the past?​

Correct Answer(s):

  1. Name four ways a law office can market its services.​

Correct Answer(s):

  1. What are some marketing options for law offices?​

Correct Answer(s):

  1. Any ad or marketing piece an attorney or a law firm publishes must have two things somewhere in the ad—what are they?​

Correct Answer(s):

  1. What should an effective law firm marketing plan include?​
  1. What is the difference between marketing and advertising?​
  1. Why is the case of Bates v. State of Arizona important?​


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