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Perspectives on Family Communication Lynn Turner 5e

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Perspectives on Family Communication Lynn Turner 5e


Multiple Choice

  1. Which of the following best describes the current trend in organized religion in the United States?
  2. At least one member of every family states they have a religious affiliation.
  3. More family members are attending church than in years past.
  4. There are more interfaith marriages now than ever.
  5. Younger people are less likely to indicate a religious affiliation.*
  1. Religion and spirituality commitments differ across the lifespan. At which time is it most likely for changes in beliefs to begin?
  2. adolescence*
  3. middle age
  4. old age
  5. just before death
  1. Which of the following is NOT a lesson that tends to be taught to in Western organized religions about married life?
  2. People should marry and stay married for life.
  3. Couples should have children and discipline them properly.
  4. Families should pray together.
  5. Couples who are not faithful must ask for forgiveness.*
  1. Which demographic group is most likely to place a higher premium on their commitment to their faith and belief in God?
  2. Whites
  3. Hispanic and Latino/as
  4. African Americans*
  5. Asians
  1. An example of when the church can be at odds against some types of families is when Crystal Cathedral asked their choir members to sign “Covenants” which discriminates against which group?
  2. same sex couples*
  3. unwed mothers
  4. cohabiting couples
  5. childless couples
  1. In the Catholic Church a member who just got divorced must receive a symbolic nullification of the first marriage before being able to receive sacraments or partake in any service. This is known as which of the following?
  2. permission
  3. forgiveness
  4. annulment
  5. postnuptial agreement
  1. Which of the following is an example of an interfaith marriage?
  2. a Muslim married to a Christian
  3. a Wesley Methodist married to a Calvinistic Methodist
  4. an observant Catholic married to a non-observant Catholic
  5. all of the above are interfaith marriages*
  1. Patriarchy is a term that is best described as which of the following?
  2. the rule of men that subordinates women*
  3. male control over the remote control in the household
  4. the primary responsibility given to father to discuss sex and sexuality with sons
  5. the belief that men should be the primary decision makers in all aspects of family life
  1. A person’s past or present sexual motivation, behaviors, and experiences contribute to the development of which of the following?
  2. apprehension about sexual communication
  3. sexual scripts*
  4. sexual satisfaction
  5. sexual expectations
  1. The way sex is discussed in a family is usually the result of which of the following?
  2. the parents conversational styles
  3. the rules governing conversations about sex in the family*
  4. how the parents were raised by their parents
  5. sex is not discussed in families
  1. Which of the following is the key factor that is essential to satisfaction with family discussions about sex?
  2. parental control over sexual attitudes and behaviors of their children
  3. regularly scheduled meetings for parents to share information with children
  4. emotional maturity of children
  5. mutual dialogue*
  1. Which of the following statements most accurately describes the relationship between frequency of sex and marital satisfaction?
  2. The more sex a couple has the more satisfied they are with their marriage.
  3. The less sex a couple has the less satisfied they are with their marriage.
  4. Marital sexual satisfaction is determined by a compatibility of sexual desires.*
  5. A sexual relationship means the marriage is a satisfying relationship.
  1. All of the following are communication breakdowns among traditional married couples as identified by Schwartz (1994) EXCEPT which of the following?
  2. failure of timing
  3. failure in resolving conflict*
  4. failure of sexual empathy
  5. overromanticism
  1. In examining the impact of culture on sexual communication, researchers have discovered which of the following?
  2. Mexican American families operate under the assumption that sexual issues will not be discussed.*
  3. Japanese American families will openly discuss any sexual concerns, problems, or experiences with extended family members as well as close friends.
  4. Asian Indian immigrants are very open in communicating their sexual attitudes and values.
  5. All of the above are accurate research findings.
  1. In 2009, what percentage of people believed that extramarital affairs were morally wrong?
  2. 5%
  3. 56%
  4. 92%*
  5. 100%
  1. Researchers found that family members found it easier to express their complicated feelings with a dying family member in which way?
  2. dramatically
  3. nonverbally*
  4. overtly
  5. simplistically

Short Answer/Essay Questions

  1. Discuss the impact of religion on families and their interactions with one another. Describe ways that religion has influenced your own family.

Explain how the internet has affected religious practices.

  1. Explain the challenges that women and also gay/lesbian families have experienced with regard to religion. Discuss specific challenges that you or a family you are close to have faced as a result of religion. Describe how families can manage religious challenges.
  2. Describe how the Internet has influenced the religious life of families.
  3. Define the concept of sexual scripts. Describe the influence of sexual scripts on sexual communication in the family.
  4. Defend your position on the following statement: “Parents should be responsible for communicating with their children about sexual issues.”
  5. Defend your position on the following statement: “Having cybersex with someone other than one’s partner is infidelity.”
  6. Explain why it is difficult, yet important, that families talk with children about financial matters.


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