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Panorama A World History 1st Edition By Ross Dunn – Test Bank

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Panorama A World History 1st Edition By Ross Dunn – Test Bank

Chapter 10
Afroeurasia in the Era of Arab Empire, 500-800 C.E.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. (p. 279) Islam’s main scripture is known as the
A. Old Testament.
B. Gospels.
C. Quran.
D. Vedas.

2. (p. 281) One important difference between the Türks and other pastoral nomads was that the Türks
A. hailed originally from Anatolia.
B. built up a large and centralized state in Inner Eurasia.
C. attempted to make peace with Chinese rulers.
D. were Christian.

3. (p. 281) Which of the following best describes the political structure of the Türks?
A. The Türks functioned as a loose confederation of nomadic clans, the chiefs of which collaborated on an equal level.
B. The Türks adopted a republican model of rule based on the Roman and Greek example.
C. Like the Romans, the Türks used a type of patron-client system to manage affairs of state.
D. The Türks used a hierarchy of leadership, with a supreme leader at the top whose power radiated outward to local leaders.

4. (p. 281) The Sogdians can best be described as
A. a religious minority.
B. a society of mounted soldiers.
C. participants of a commercial diaspora.
D. oasis farmers.

5. (p. 282) The Uighur elite practiced which religion?
A. Manichaeism
B. Judaism
C. Buddhism
D. Islam

6. (p. 283) Which of the following distinguished the Khazars from other Inner Eurasian peoples?
A. The Khazars were among the first non-Arab peoples to adopt Islam as their faith.
B. The Khazars preferred infantry to cavalry.
C. The Khazar elites adopted Judaism as their faith.
D. The Khazars rejected all forms of universalist religion in favor of retaining their own deities and religious traditions.

7. (p. 284) Arabia’s population in the first centuries of the Common Era can best be described as which of the following?
A. nomadic populations similar to the pastoral nomads of Inner Eurasia
B. farming communities with permanent settlements
C. a merchant people with trade contacts throughout Southwest Asia
D. a well-organized society with a strict hierarchy of leadership

8. (p. 285) Before the spread of Islam, the majority of Arabic-speaking communities practiced which of the following religions?
A. Nestorian Christianity
B. Judaism
C. Manichaeism
D. pagan


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