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Organized Crime 10th International Edition by Howard Abadinsky – Test Bank

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Organized Crime 10th International Edition by Howard Abadinsky – Test Bank

Latin American Organized Crime
Test Bank



1. A common element that characterizes Latin American criminal organizations is extensive involvement in __________________.
a. counterfeit goods manufacture and sale
b. drug trafficking
c. illegal alcohol manufacture and sale
d. all of these

ANS: B LO: 1 REF: 134

2. Colombian criminal organizations have _____________ organizational structures.
a. subcultural traditional
b. Sicilian Mafia-style
c. bureaucratic
d. weak

ANS: C LO: 3 REF: 140

3. Control of most of the world’s cocaine industry is in __________ organizations.
a. Mexican
b. Russian
c. Italian
d. Colombian

ANS: D LO: 1 REF: 134

4. The homicide rate in Colombia is __________ times higher than that of the U.S.
a. four
b. six
c. eight
d. ten

ANS: C LO: 7 REF: 135

5. Which of the following statements is false?
a. Colombian drug organizations involve cells of ten or more members.
b. Colombian cells specialize in a particular facet of the drug business.
c. Members of Colombian cells typically know members of other cells.
d. The head of each Columbian cell reports directly to a regional director.

ANS: C LO: 3 | 4 REF: 140

6. What kind of image did Pablo Escobar cultivate in Envigado, a barrio outside Medellin?
a. a Robin Hood image
b. an Al Capone image
c. a John Gotti image
d. He did not cultivate any kind of image.

ANS: A LO: 1 REF: 143

7. The acronym for “People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar” is __________.
a. Los PPPE
b. Los P2PE
c. Los PEPES
d. Los P3E

ANS: C LO: 4 REF: 144


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