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Organized Crime 10th Edition by Howard Abadinsky – Test Bank

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Organized Crime 10th Edition by Howard Abadinsky – Test Bank

Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking
Test Bank



1. The earliest “war against drugs” in the United States was in response to:
a. opium
b. cocaine
c. marijuana
d. LSD

ANS: A LO: 2 REF: 279

2. Around the turn of the eighteenth century, a German pharmacist poured liquid ammonia over opium and obtained an alkaloid, a white powder that he found to be many times more powerful than opium. He named the substance:
a. heroin
b. morphium
c. marijuana
d. ecstasy

ANS: B LO: 2 REF: 279

3. At the turn of the twentieth century, diacetylmorphine was synthesized, creating the most powerful of the opiates, __________, marketed as a nonhabit-forming analgesic to take the place of morphine.
a. heroin
b. morphium
c. marijuana
d. opium

ANS: A LO: 2 REF: 279

4. Opiates, including morphine and heroin, were readily available in the United States until:
a. 1900
b. 1910
c. 1914
d. 1929

ANS: C LO: 2 REF: 279

5. The American response to drugs in the twentieth century was directly related to international affairs and trade with:
a. Afghanistan
b. Pakistan
c. Japan
d. China

ANS: D LO: 4 REF: 280

6. In 1887, Congress responded to obligations imposed on the United States by a Chinese-American commercial treaty by banning the importation of _________ by Chinese subjects.
a. opium for smoking
b. marijuana
c. barbiturates
d. morphine

ANS: A LO: 2 | 3 | 4 REF: 281 | 282

7. In 1901, Congress enacted the __________, which prohibited the sale of alcohol and opium to “aboriginal tribes and uncivilized races.”
a. Native Races Act
b. Harrison Act
c. Thompson Act
d. Indigenous Act

ANS: A LO: 3 REF: 282


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