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Molecular Diagnostics Fundamentals Methods and Clinical Applications 1st Edition by Lela Buckingham -Test Bank

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Molecular Diagnostics Fundamentals Methods and Clinical Applications 1st Edition by Lela Buckingham -Test Bank

Chapter 08

. A nucleosome consists of DNA and which of the following combinations of histone proteins?
A) 2(H1), 2(H2a), 2(H3), 2(H4)
B) 2(H2a), 2(H2b), 2(H3), 2(H4)
C) 2(H1), 2(H2a), 2(H2b), 2(H4)
D) 2(H2), 2(H3), 2(H4), 2(H5)

2. A chromosome that has the centromere in the center of the chromosome is called:
A) acrocentric
B) telocentric
C) metacentric
D) holocentric

3. The short arm of the chromosome is designated as which of the following?
A) o
B) p
C) q
D) r

4. Human chromosomes are described as which of the following with regard to the location of the centromere?
A) Telocentric
B) Holocentric
C) Genocentric
D) Acrocentric

5. When chromosomes are stained with Giemsa, the resulting bands are called:
A) G bands
B) Q bands
C) R bands
D) C bands

6. Which of the following types of chromatin are open and actively involved in gene expression (transcription)?
A) Heterochromatin
B) Homochromatin
C) Euchromatin
D) Interchromatin

7. Which of the following is involved in connecting the centromere to the spindles during chromosome segregation in mitosis?
A) Kinetochore
B) Euchromatin
C) Histone protein H1
D) Heterochromatin

8. In a C banding pattern, what part of the chromosome stains?
A) Whole chromosome
B) Heterochromatin
C) Euchromatin
D) Centromere

9. Examination of chromosomes in karyotypes is performed on chromosomes in what stage of mitosis?
A) Prophase
B) Metaphase
C) Anaphase
D) Telophase

10. Chromosomes are divided into different parts, and locations are denoted by numbers corresponding to the different parts in which of the following orders?
A) Sub-band, band, chromosome, region
B) Region, band, sub-band, chromosome
C) Band, chromosome, region, sub-band
D) Chromosome, region, band, sub-band



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