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Modern Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices 6th Edition by Denise M. Harmening – Test Bank

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Modern Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices 6th Edition by Denise M. Harmening – Test Bank

Chapter 7. The Rh Blood Group System

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. What is an advantage of using chemically modified anti-D?
a. It provides a low-protein medium.
b. Rh control is not necessary.
c. Few false-negative results are obtained.
d. Du testing is eliminated.

____ 2. The Rh antibody agglutinates what percentage of RBCs?
a. 15% c. 50%
b. 85% d. 35%

____ 3. Why is determination of Rh status crucial for obstetric patients?
a. An Rh-positive mother can form anti-D, which will destroy D-positive red blood cells of the fetus.
b. All Rh-positive mothers are possible candidates for Rh immune globulin.
c. All Rh-negative mothers are possible candidates for Rh immune globulin.
d. An Rh-negative mother can form anti-D if she gives birth to an Rh-negative baby.

____ 4. Which antigen represents Rh3 in Rosenfield terminology?
a. D c. C
b. E d. e

____ 5. G antigen is present on all of which type of red blood cells?
a. D-positive c. E-positive
b. C-positive d. e-positive

____ 6. What does Rh genotype refer to?
a. Antigens detected on a red blood cell by serologic methods
b. Antibodies detected in serum by serologic methods
c. Rh genes inherited from both parents
d. Rh genes inherited from the mother

____ 7. Where is the Rh antigen located relative to the red blood cell membrane?
a. Integrally c. Centrally
b. Peripherally d. None of the above

____ 8. Which of the following statements regarding anti-LW is true?
a. Anti-LW reacts poorly with cord cells.
b. Anti-LW reacts stronger with Rh-positive cells than with Rh-negative cells.
c. Rh-null individuals lack the LW gene.
d. The gene coding for LW is located on the same chromosome as the Rh genes.

____ 9. Of the three following categories of altered D antigen, in which variation of D antigen expression are you more likely to encounter an allo-anti-D?
a. C in Trans to RhD c. Partial D
b. Weak D d. None of the above

____ 10. A cord blood sample was sent to the blood bank for a type and DAT. Cells were washed six times with saline before testing. The forward grouping typed as an O. There was no agglutination with anti-D and washed cord cells. The DAT was 3+ with polyspecific AHG. What is the Rh type of the baby?
a. Rh-negative c. Rh type cannot be determined
b. Rh-positive d. None of the above


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