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Methods Doing Social Research 4th Edition by Winston Jackson -Test Bank

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Methods Doing Social Research 4th Edition by Winston Jackson -Test Bank

Chapter 7. Critical Approaches to Research: Action and Feminist Research

MC 7-1

“Research from the margins” means that:

a. critical research is focused on empowering marginalized citizens.
b. there is an increased number of female researchers over male researchers.
c. research participants are respected as “equally knowing subjects”.
d. participant observation and/or ethnographic research has been implemented.

Answer: C
Page: 187

MC 7-2

Which method is considered the best by critical researchers?
a. in-depth interviews
b. participant observation
c. qualitative methods
d. multi-method approach

Answer: D
Page: 187-188

MC 7-3

Institutional ethnography is an approach used when the research goal is to:

a. study the social structure of powerful organizations
b. study social reality as it is constructed in the minds of those who experience it.
c. read texts for their organizational structure
d. study, in detail, the experiences of institutionalized persons

Answer: B
Page: 189



MC 7-4

Texts, according to Dorothy Smith:

a. are organizational features of institutions
b. can reveal the institutional practices that organize people’s experiences
c. mediate people’s experiences and interactions
d. all of the above

Answer: D
Page: 189

MC 7-5

The aim of all action research is:

a. to produce practical knowledge that has the potential to improve a specific social condition
b. to generalize solutions to problems that apply across a range of settings
c. to massage data so that particular outcomes are achieved
d. to be active in the field so that the knowledge gained is more specific

Answer: A
Page: 190

MC 7-6

Participatory action research includes:

a. defined goals, liberation, and group consensus
b. group consensus, change, and the ethics of liberation
c. research, adult education, and socio-political action
d. participation, reactive, and group consensus

Answer: C
Difficulty: Moderate
Page: 190



MC 7-7

Among the challenges in action research is:

a. protecting the interests of the larger society
b. negotiating a reasonable compromise between competing interest groups
c. minimizing power imbalances among participants
d. that everything happens so fast

Answer: C
Difficulty: Challenging
Page: 192-193

MC 7-8

The goal of feminist research is best defined by:

a. seeing of phenomena from the perspective of women
b. recognizing the existence of conditions that oppress women
c. the desire to change conditions through research leading to political action
d. all of the above

Answer: D
Difficulty: Easy
Page: 196

MC 7-9

Feminist researchers claim that an understanding of human societies is impossible without the recognition of:

a. matriarchy
b. patriarchy
c. the means of production
d. inadvertent reinforcement

Answer: B
Difficulty: Moderate
Page: 197-198



MC 7-10

The feminist research perspective attempts to:

a. replace patriarchy with matriarchy
b. reject the fundamentals of the critical approach
c. validate women’s experiences and perceptions
d. reject the reflexivity of male research

Answer: C
Difficulty: Moderate


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