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Medical Assisting Administrative And Clinical Procedures With Anatomy & Physiology 3rd edition By Kathryn Booth- Test Bank

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Medical Assisting Administrative And Clinical Procedures With Anatomy & Physiology 3rd edition By Kathryn Booth- Test Bank

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The four basic types of computers used today are mainframes, minicomputers, personal computers, and ____.
A. networks
B. office computers
C. supercomputers
D. preschool computers
E. foreign computers

2. Mainframe computers are frequently used in ____.
A. schools
B. homes
C. offices
D. hospitals
E. clinics

3. Minicomputers are used mostly in a(n) ____.
A. government setting
B. university setting
C. office setting
D. high school setting
E. network setting

4. Personal computers are most frequently found in ____.
A. large institutions
B. hospitals
C. homes
D. large universities
E. government offices

5. Another name for a personal computer is ____.
A. mainframe computer
B. microcomputer
C. minicomputer
D. supercomputer
E. network computer

6. A minicomputer that functions as a centralized storage location for shared information is called a ____.
A. desktop
B. subnotebook
C. server
E. tablet

7. An advantage of a notebook computer is that it ____.
A. eliminates all the extra function keys on the keyboard
B. is larger and more capable than a desktop computer
C. operates on either a battery or an AC adapter
D. can be housed in a tower case and placed on the floor
E. eliminates the need for printers and scanners

8. An advantage of a desktop computer with a tower case placed on the floor is that it ____.
A. is portable
B. operates on battery power
C. weighs only a few pounds
D. allows more surface area at the workstation
E. is easier to use than a minicomputer

9. The hardware components of a computer consist of the monitor, keyboard, and ____.
A. software.
B. printer.
C. operating system.
D. applications.
E. Internet provider.

10. A computer’s hardware serves four main functions, including inputting data, processing data, outputting data, and ____.
A. storing data
B. word processing
C. deleting data
D. programming
E. releasing data

11. Computer input devices include keyboards, touch screens, pointing devices, modems, and ____.
A. monitors
B. printers
C. scanners
D. software
E. batteries

12. The most common computer input device is a ____.
A. keyboard
B. pointing devices
C. modem
D. scanner
E. touch screen

13. A disorder linked to improper hand positioning at the keyboard is ____.
A. arthritis
B. carpal tunnel syndrome
C. wrist fracture
D. nodules on finger joints
E. bursitis

14. The touch screen, touch pad, and ____ are types of pointing devices.
A. scanner
B. mouse
C. cursor
D. template
E. keyboard

15. Which form of pointing device, common on laptops, consists of a small, flat device sensitive to touch?
A. Mouse
B. Template
C. Touch pad
D. Touch screen
E. Scanner

16. On what type of computer is the touch pad popular?
A. Laptop
B. Desktop
C. Minicomputer
D. Mainframe computer
E. Supercomputer

17. A device used to transfer information from one computer to another over telephone or cable television lines is a ____.
A. scanner
B. cursor
C. pointing device
D. keyboard
E. modem

18. Which of the following is considered both an input device and an output device?
A. Central processing unit
B. Keyboard
C. Printer
D. Modem
E. Scanner

19. A device used to input printed matter and convert it to a format that can be read by the computer is a ____.
A. cursor
B. printer
C. scanner
D. pointing device
E. modem

20. Types of scanners include single-sheet scanners, handheld scanners, and ____ scanners.
A. rolling ball
B. flatbed
C. touch pad
D. touch screen
E. manual

21. An advantage of a handheld scanner is that it ____.
A. feeds one sheet of paper through at a time
B. is easier to use than other types of scanners
C. produces the highest quality input
D. is less expensive than other types of scanners
E. is more configurable than other scanners

22. An advantage of the flatbed scanner is that it ____.
A. produces the highest-quality input
B. is the most difficult to use
C. is the least expensive
D. feeds one sheet of paper through at a time
E. can be used to scan curved objects

23. The main circuit board that controls the other components in a computer system is the ____.
A. motherboard
B. hard drive
C. microprocessor
D. central processing unit
E. video board

24. In a computer, ROM is ____.
A. software that uses more than one medium
B. the primary computer chip responsible for executing programs
C. permanent memory that provides the basic operating instructions for the computer
D. the main circuit board that controls all other components in the system
E. a temporary type of computer memory

25. Information is stored permanently on the ____ for later retrieval.
A. hard disk drive
B. modem
C. monitor
D. printer

26. The purpose of output devices is to ____.
A. store information for later retrieval
B. display or print information after it has been processed
C. convert printed matter into a format that can be read by the computer
D. transfer information from one computer to another
E. process information that has been input into the computer

27. Examples of output devices are printers and ____.
A. keyboards
B. scanners
C. monitors
D. modems
E. motherboards

28. Resolution refers to ____.
A. a method of sending and receiving messages through a network
B. the sharpness of images, measured in dot pitch
C. a readable printout of information
D. automatic changes in the monitor displays
E. the number of words that can be typed in one minute

29. Printer resolution is noted in terms of ____.
A. dots per inch
B. megahertz
C. dot pitch
D. megabytes
E. gigabytes

30. A laser printer is ____.
A. inexpensive compared to other types of printers
B. capable of producing multiple copies with carbon paper
C. capable of producing high-quality output
D. slower than an ink-jet printer
E. rarely useful in a medical office

31. A current trend in printers is the ____.
A. dot matrix printer
B. ink-jet printer
C. laser printer
D. plasma color printer
E. “all-in-one” printer

32. A collection of records created and stored on a computer is a(n) ____.
A. application
B. icon
C. database
D. spreadsheet
E. word processor

33. A method of sending and receiving messages through a network is known as ____.
A. word processing
B. a database
C. spreadsheet calculation
D. electronic mail
E. paging

34. Which of the following is part of proper computer system care and maintenance?
A. Avoid placing the system in a well-ventilated location
B. Allow the same image to stay on the screen overnight
C. Fold CD-ROMs to store
D. Use a power strip with a surge protector
E. Drink coffee or soft drinks while working at the computer

35. Telecommunication that provides medical support to physicians caring for patients in rural areas is called ____.
A. CD-R technology
B. telemedicine
C. local area transmissions
D. online help
E. networking

36. Which of the following has the potential to eliminate the need for medical assistants to transcribe physicians’ notes?
A. Speech recognition technology
B. Telemedicine
C. CD-R technology
D. Modulator-demodulator
E. Optical character recognition

37. Which of the following allows information to be taken from one source and “burned” or copied to a CD?
B. Speech recognition technology
C. Telemedicine
D. CD-R technology
E. Monitor

38. Which of the following changes the monitor display at short intervals or constantly shows moving images?
A. Power down
B. Multimedia
C. Screen saver
D. Resolution
E. Virus protection

39. Before calling technical support, you should first ____.
A. turn off the computer
B. check the computer manual for answers
C. identify the problem
D. have a printer attached to the computer
E. plan to spend no more than 5 minutes on the phone

40. A computer disaster recovery plan should be in place in a medical office in the event of a(n) ____.
A. security breach
B. system failure or crash
C. optical character recognition problem
D. printer problem
E. Internet access problem

41. Using the bcc option when sending an e-mail message ____.
A. enables you to send the message to more people
B. makes the recipient scroll through the e-mail addresses of all other recipients before reading the message
C. prevents recipients from deleting the message
D. records a copy of the message on your hard drive
E. protects the privacy of other recipients of the message

42. Protection against spammers is provided by ____.
A. firewalls
B. antivirus software
C. disk cleanup
D. disk defragmentation
E. disaster recovery plans

43. Computer hackers are prevented from accessing your computer by ____.
A. firewalls
B. antivirus software
C. disk cleanup
D. pressing the Delete key
E. disk defragmentation

44. Which of the following is not a function of the disk cleanup utility?
A. Compressing old files
B. Deleting temporary Internet files
C. Organizing files on the hard disk drive
D. Sending some files to the recycle bin
E. Freeing up space on your computer

45. Which of the following organizes the contents of the hard disk drive of a computer to store pieces of files close together?
A. Disk cleanup
B. Firewall
C. Spell checker
D. Disk defragmentation
E. Antivirus software

46. Celia has been asked to make suggestions for upgrading the computer equipment in the medical office where she works. Currently, the office has one desktop computer that runs the Windows 2000 operating system and the Office 2002 applications. It has a CD-ROM drive, but no CD-R capability. It also has a telephone modem. The monitor is a 14-inch CRT model that has recently started wavering and “blinking out.” Which of the following do you think Celia should recommend?
A. Replace the CD-ROM drive with a CD-R
B. Upgrade the operating system to Windows 7
C. Purchase a new system, because this one is too old to upgrade effectively
D. Replace the telephone modem with a cable modem
E. Replace the monitor with a flat-screen

47. Which of the following is not an important task when you are selecting software for the medical office?
A. Read software reviews in computer magazines and trade publications
B. Check with other medical offices to get opinions on software packages
C. Make sure the office computer system meets the minimum requirements for the software
D. Make sure the software company will install the software for you
E. Compare the cost and features of several different software programs

48. In which type of networks are the networked computers connected using public telephone lines, using encryption to ensure that only authorized users can access the network?
A. Local-area network
B. Virtual private network
C. Homegroup network
D. Wide-area network
E. Peer-to-peer network

49. Which of the following is an optical disk on which you can store up to eight hours of high-quality video?
A. Jump drive
B. Zip disks
D. Flash key

50. Which type of office machine scans each page of a document, translates the information into electronic impulses, and transmits the impulses over the telephone line to another machine, where they are converted into an exact copy of the original document?
A. Adding machine
B. Facsimile machine
C. Typewriter
D. Photocopier
E. Postage meter

51. Which of the following is not a benefit of having a fax machine in the medical office?
A. It can be sent and received within minutes.
B. It can be used as an extra telephone.
C. It helps protect a patient’s protected health information.
D. It can be used as an extra copier.
E. It is usually less expensive than overnight mail service.

52. Which of the following office machines is most useful for handling tasks such as payroll and bank deposits?
A. Facsimile machine
B. Adding machine
C. Photocopier
D. Printer
E. Postage meter

53. Which of the following is not an advantage of leasing office equipment?
A. It allows purchasers to keep more of their money.
B. The company that leases the product is usually responsible for servicing it.
C. Your office will own the equipment at the end of the lease term.
D. Lease payments are usually tax-deductible.
E. Leasing allows businesses to update equipment every few years.

54. Which of the following information is not needed in an equipment inventory?
A. Name of the equipment, including brand name
B. Model number and registration number
C. Place of purchase, including contact information
D. Name of the equipment this equipment is replacing
E. Product warranty, maintenance contract, and service contract

55. When managing office supplies, the goal is to achieve ____.
A. efficiency
B. organization
C. resourcefulness
D. independence
E. confidentiality


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