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Marketing 14Th Edition By Roger – Test Bank

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Marketing 14Th Edition By Roger – Test Bank

Marketing, 14e (Kerin)
Chapter 8: Marketing Research: From Customer Insights to Actions

1) War Dogs is an example of a successful movie that could have failed because
A) too little money was spent on promotion.
B) it was targeting the wrong target market segments.
C) there was too little similarity between the original book and the screenplay.
D) its original title did not convey the correct message to its prospective audience.
E) too much time elapsed between promotions and its release.

2) Filmmakers want movie titles that use the same factors that make a good brand name. They must be short, memorable, appealing to consumers, and
A) creative.
B) familiar.
C) without legal restrictions.
D) alliterative.
E) easy to remember.

3) Generally, filmmakers want movie titles that are short, memorable, appealing to consumers, and without legal restrictions. These are titles that
A) have the same factors that make a good brand name.
B) seem familiar.
C) use alliterative techniques.
D) play it safe.
E) appeal to multiple cultures.

4) Filmmakers want movie titles that use the same factors that make a good brand name. Ideally, they should
A) be short and memorable.
B) create a sense of mystery.
C) use devices such as alliteration or rhyme.
D) create a sense of familiarity.
E) be creative.

5) Movie studios use market research to reduce their risk of losses by hiring firms such as the National Research Group to conduct test screenings and tracking studies. Often, 300 to 400 prospective moviegoers are recruited to attend a “sneak preview” of a film before its release. After viewing the movie, the audience completes a survey to
A) evaluate the quality of directing and producing.
B) critique the title, plot, and characters.
C) rate the performances of the individual actors and actresses.
D) recall specific details of the plot and dialogue.
E) compare the final film with the original script.

6) The primary purpose of a “sneak preview” of a film before its release is to
A) rate the performances of the individual actors and actresses for possible Oscar nominations.
B) rate the work of the director and producer for possible Oscar nominations.
C) evaluate the effectiveness of product placements within the film.
D) compare the final film to the original screenplay.
E) identify necessary changes before final editing.

7) Which of the following would be best used to forecast the opening weekend box office sales for a new movie?
A) test screenings
B) demographic analysis
C) portfolio analysis
D) advanced promotions
E) tracking studies

8) Marketing researchers use tracking studies immediately before an upcoming film’s release to
A) identify any factual errors or inconsistencies in the story line.
B) nominate specific actors or actresses for industry awards.
C) forecast a movie’s opening weekend box office revenues.
D) select the best geographical location for the movie’s premiere.
E) make changes to the movie’s release based upon professional critics’ reviews.

9) Qualified members of tracking studies for a new movie are asked three key questions, one of which is
A) How much would you be willing to pay for a ticket?
B) Will you be seeing the movie with someone else? If so, with whom?
C) In your own words, what is the premise of the movie?
D) Will you see the film this weekend?
E) If you like the movie, what is the probability that you will purchase it when it is released on Blu-ray?

10) Movie studios use tracking studies in which prospective moviegoers are asked questions about an upcoming film release to help them forecast sales. This is an example of
A) movie advertising.
B) marketing research.
C) tactical support.
D) cross-movie research.
E) movie audits.


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