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Managing & Coordinating Nursing Care 4th Edition By J.K – Test Bank

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Managing & Coordinating Nursing Care 4th Edition By J.K – Test Bank

Chapter 06

1. Which of the following questions or statements will help ensure that nursing assistants understand what you expect of them?
A) “Are you ready to begin work now?”
B) “Let me know if I can be of help to you.”
C) “Now, repeat for me what I have just asked you to do.”
D) “Is it clear what I expect you to do?”

2. You are working with a nursing assistant and a licensed practical nurse. Who would be given the responsibility for a sterile dressing change?
A) The nursing assistant
B) The licensed practical nurse
C) Do it yourself
D) It can be done by whoever gets done first

3. Which of the following is true with regard to ethical decision making?
A) Ethical decisions are the responsibility of the physician..
B) Ethical decisions must always involve an ethics committee.
C) There are few ethical situations in which nursing is involved.
D) Ethical decision making cannot be avoided in nursing.

4. As the charge nurse, if you wanted to involve the staff in helping to plan for dinner rotations, you might consider using which one of the following?
A) The Delphi method
B) A task force
C) Majority rule
D) A department memo

5. How does a task force differ from a quality circle?
A) A task force is composed of top management people only.
B) A task force is randomly selected.
C) A task force works in anonymity.
D) A task force adjourns after completion of the task.

6. Which of the following is a reason today’s health care environments more frequently involve groups in the decision-making process?
A) Group decision making is always more effective.
B) Many agencies are using some form of shared governance.
C) Management always provides greater support to decisions made by a group.
D) Group decision making is less expensive.

7. Which of the following is required if the nurse is to make effective decisions consistently?
A) A current knowledge base must be maintained.
B) The team must be composed of persons who are good friends.
C) There must be uniformity in thinking.
D) The nurse must have a baccalaureate degree.

8. What is the first requirement for a group to participate effectively in decision making?
A) The group knows how to work together well.
B) The group has adequate knowledge of the subject or situation.
C) The group has time to make the decision.
D) The group has management support.

9. What resource would be used to make a decision about the appropriate response to a patient leaving without a medical discharge?
A) Safety manual
B) Textbook
C) The literature
D) Policy manual

10. You are the charge nurse on a medical-surgical floor and you are mentoring a new graduate. What examples of situations in nursing that require the ability to make sound decisions can you give to the new grad? (Mark all that apply.)
A) Identifying when you need to call a prescriber
B) Knowing what normal vital signs are
C) Planning discharge teaching
D) Knowing when to call the pharmacy
E) Assessing your patient at the beginning of the shift



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