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Management of Occupational Health and Safety Canadian 7th Edition By Kelloway – Test Bank

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Management of Occupational Health and Safety Canadian 7th Edition By Kelloway – Test Bank

Chapter 6 Biological and Chemical Agents
1. What is the size of the typical airborne particle found in fumes and smoke?
(A) 1000 microns
(B) 100 microns
(C) 10 microns
(D) less than 1 micron
Answer : (D)
2. By which four routes can chemicals enter the body?
(A) respiration, inhalation, skin absorption, and skin penetration
(B) ingestion, skin penetration, inhalation, and lungs
(C) respiration, skin absorption, skin penetration, and ingestion
(D) lungs, nose, skin absorption, and ingestion
Answer : (C)
3. Which of the following is most likely to create a synergistic effect with airborne chemicals in a
manufacturing plant?
(A) the other chemicals used in the plant
(B) inadequate safety training
(C) inconsistent use of respirators
(D) the plant being located in a valley
Answer : (D)
4. Besides record keeping, what control measure ensures that baseline tests will be available when
(A) medical surveillance
(B) engineering controls
(C) work practices
(D) good housekeeping
Answer : (A)
5. Employees with diabetes and other conditions often need to inject themselves at work to manage
their condition. What is an administrative control that the human resource management department
can implement to protect everyone from needlestick injuries?
(A) install “sharps” disposal bins in restrooms
(B) provide education and training to all employees
(C) ask these employees to inject themselves in an off-site location
(D) change work schedules, so they can inject at home before and after work
Answer : (B)
6. What is the recommended remedy for occupational asthma (e.g. crab asthma experienced by the
snow crab workers in Newfoundland)?
(A) transferring to a different job in the same plant
(B) changing to employment in another industry
(C) taking asthma medication via a bronchial inhalator “puffer”
(D) taking antihistamine medication (e.g. Benadryl, Claritin)
Answer : (B)
7. Rob’s doctor has told him that his alveoli are seriously damaged. In what shape are his cilia likely
to be?
(A) undamaged
(B) slightly damaged
(C) severely damaged
(D) completely destroyed
Answer : (C)
8. What characteristic of a solvent is related to its speed of evaporation?
(A) surface tension
(B) flammability


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