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Management by Angelo Kinicki 9th Edition-Test Bank

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Management by Angelo Kinicki 9th Edition-Test Bank

Management, 9e (Kinicki)
Chapter 7 Individual and Group Decision Making:
How Managers Make Things Happen

1) Max is in the marketing department with Loose Leaf Teas. He was given the responsibility of determining if customers liked the new calming chamomile. According to Loose Leaf’s sales data, over 4,000 customers purchased the new tea last month. If Max surveys 25 of those customers to determine if they like the tea or not to base his marketing campaign on, he will most likely suffer from confirmation bias.

2) Decision making is the process of identifying and choosing alternative courses of action.

3) When evaluating the alternatives of a decision, managers need to base decisions strictly on cost, quality, and feasibility.

4) With satisficing, managers look for alternatives until they find one that is satisfactory, not optimal.

5) Managers with a low tolerance for ambiguity and an orientation toward task and technical concerns when making decisions have an analytical decision-making style.

6) Shayla, the electronics department manager at a local Best Buy store, has a good working relationship with her employees. She believes in an open-door policy, and she encourages the open exchange of opinions in her department. Shayla utilizes the directive style of management.

7) A decision tree, which is the hierarchy or chain of command used by many organizations when discussing alternatives, must be followed when getting decisions approved.

8) Eduardo’s new company wanted to be transparent about all their products, so he chose to market his cleaners as 30 percent toxic and 90 percent effective. His brother, Marco told him that his idea would not work, but Eduardo said he was going to stick to his idea. He is using his hindsight bias.

9) Tyrone is always on time for work and stays late whenever he is needed. Last week though, he was late three days and asked to leave early on two other days. When it was time to post the schedule for the next week, Marie, the manager, reduced Tyrone’s hours and when asked, she told him, “I just can’t count on you.” Marie has availability bias.

10) The dialectic method calls for managers to foster a structured dialogue or debate of opposing viewpoints prior to making a decision.

11) ________ is the tendency for people with strong prior beliefs, when confronted with a choice, to make their decisions based on assumptions they’ve already made.
A) Information bias
B) Narrow-minded perception
C) Tunnel vision bias
D) The curse of knowledge
E) Single-vision stereotyping


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