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M Business OC Ferrell,6th Edition

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M Business OC Ferrell,6th Edition

M: Business, 6e (Ferrell)
Chapter 7 Organization, Teamwork, and Communication

1) Every organization has an organizational culture, regardless of size, organizational type, product, or profit objective.

2) The key to success in any organization is making a profit.

3) The more complex organizations become, the less they need to develop formal structures to function efficiently.

4) Disadvantages of product departmentalization are that it duplicates functions and does not focus on an organization’s overall objectives.

5) The rationale for specialization is efficiency.

6) When Saria’s boss delegated the project to her, she was being given an option.

7) A wide span of management works best when a manager and subordinates are not in close proximity.

8) Thomas works at a small company with only 8 employees. He and his co-workers all report directly to the owner. This is an example of a line-and-staff structure.

9) Multidivisional structure is the simplest organizational structure that is based on direct lines of authority extending from the top executive to the lowest-level employees of an organization.

10) A team is a small group whose members have complementary skills, have a common purpose, goals, and approach, and hold themselves mutually accountable.

11) All groups are teams, but not all teams are groups.

12) Albert is on a team whose responsibility it is to create a new app that people can use to track spending. Once it is created, they will send it to a select group of customers to use it and make sure it works. Albert is on a product-development team.

13) The use of face-to-face communication in companies is becoming more prevalent as social media and online communication are becoming burdensome.

14) Horizontal communication involves the traditional flow of information from upper organizational levels downward.

15) Since Darialouise just needed to tell her project partner that she would be late to work the next day, her best communication channel would be to stop by his desk and tell him.


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