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M Business Communication 3rd Edition by Rentz – Test Bank

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M Business Communication 3rd Edition by Rentz – Test Bank

Student: ___________________________________________________________________________
1. Research indicates that negative news is received positively when it is not preceded by an
True False
2. If you think that your negative news will be accepted routinely, you can choose to write your message
using the direct order.
True False
3. A preliminary explanation in a bad-news message does not cushion the shock of bad news.
True False
4. In a bad-news message, a positive buffer will simply acknowledge your receipt of the reader’s earlier
True False
5. In a bad-news message, a buffer does not explicitly indicate that negative news is coming.
True False
6. You should write a bad-news message in a way that the reader will accept the news as positively as
True False
7. One useful technique to present bad news positively is to present one’s reasoning in first and third person,
avoiding second person.
True False
8. One of the ways to take the sting out of bad news is to link it with a reader benefit.
True False
9. After reading bad news, readers usually appreciate a sincere apology more than an alternative
True False
10. Apologies in bad-news messages may have legal implications if they can be construed as admissions of
True False
11. When refusing a request, one must begin the message with a buffer that sets up the discussion.
True False
12. Opening a message directly with the news that one is refusing the reader’s request builds goodwill.
True Fals


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