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Listening to Western Music 8th Edition by Craig Wright – Test Bank

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Listening to Western Music 8th Edition by Craig Wright – Test Bank

Chapter 07

Multiple Choice

1. Identify the instrument that dominated the sound of the Baroque orchestra and contributed to the rising popularity of instrumental music.
a. flute

b. clarinet

c. trumpet

d. violin

e. harpsichord

2. The manner of composing for instruments that exploits the strengths, special abilities, and color of a particular instrument or voice while avoiding its weaknesses is known as:
a. idiomatic writing

b. Doctrine of Affections

c. ostinato

d. melodic sequence

e. recitative


3. As a general rule, Baroque orchestras normally included the entire woodwind family of instruments (flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons) in addition to a full complement of strings.
a. true

b. false

4. Whenever Baroque composers felt the need to add a particularly sparkling sound to their orchestral music, they typically added the trombone to the ensemble.
a. true

b. false

5. Which instrumental family forms the core of sound in the Western classical orchestra?
a. woodwinds
b. brasses

c. percussion

d. strings

e. keyboard


6. What was the size of a typical orchestra during the Baroque era?
a. 20

b. 40

c. 60

d. 80

e. more than 100

7. Which monarch exerted a powerful influence on the style of the Baroque era in general as well as being indirectly responsible for development of the French overture, an important genre of the period?
a. Charlemagne

b. Frederick the Great

c. Louis XIV

d. Elizabeth I

e. Franz Josef


8. Which genre of composition consists of two sections; the first in a slow, majestic duple meter with stately dotted rhythms, while the contrasting second section features a fast triple meter in an imitative style?
a. chamber sonata
b. French overture

c. basso ostinato

d. concerto grosso

e. ritornello form


9. Which Baroque musician owes his modern reputation due to one of his works being selected as the theme music for the longest-running drama series in television history: Masterpiece Theater (now Masterpiece)?
a. Pachelbel
b. Weelkes

c. Vivaldi

d. Mouret

e. Purcell


10. Identify the composer and title of the listening example.
a. Mouret, Rondeau from Suite de symphonies
b. Monteverdi, Toccata from Orfeo

c. Handel, Minuet from Water Music

d. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 5

e. Vivaldi, “The Spring” Concerto

OTHER: Mouret, Rondeau from Suite de symphonies; DL 9; 0:25-0:50



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