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Juvenile Justice 5th Edition By Kären – Test Bank

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Juvenile Justice 5th Edition By Kären – Test Bank



TEST BANK – Chapter 11 (85 questions)

Multiple Choice (25 questions)

1. The most common disposition of the juvenile or family court is:
a. juvenile detention
b. suspension
c. probation *
d. appeal
PG: 339 OBJ: 2

2. The probation officer has traditionally been responsible for:
a. speaking in court on behalf of youth
b. suspending sentences
c. serving as a court referee
d. acting as a link to other community services *
PG: 341 OBJ: 4

3. Common forms of intermediate sanctions include:
a. intensive supervision probation
b. secure juvenile residential facilities
c. boot camps
d. a and c *
PG: 344 OBJ: 6

4. The importance of Santana v. Collazo (1983) is:
a. right to counsel for juveniles
b. ruled on double jeopardy
c. no constitutional right to treatment and training *
d. electronic monitoring on all juveniles released on probation
PG: 350 OBJ: 1

5. Compared with public institutions, private correctional institutions confine more:
a. status offenders
b. female offenders
c. minority offenders
d. a and b *
PG: 354 OBJ: 8

6. The formal goals of probation are to do all EXCEPT:
a. hold juveniles accountable
b. protect the public
c. refer youth to juvenile court *
d. improve the delinquent’s behavior
PG: 340 OBJ: 3



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