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Journey Across the Life Span Human Development and Health Promotion, 4th Edition By Elaine

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Journey Across the Life Span Human Development and Health Promotion, 4th Edition By Elaine

Chapter 8: Pre-School

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. Preschool children’s growth patterns can be described as:
a. Rapid
b. Slow and steady
c. Sporadic
d. Relaxed

____ 2. The slender appearance characteristic of the preschool stage is due to:
a. Lengthening of the trunk and body
b. Loss of subcutaneous tissue
c. The protruding abdomen
d. Moving of the foot toward the center of the body

____ 3. The average weight gain during the preschool years is:
a. 1 to 2 lb
b. 3 to 4 lb
c. 4 to 5 lb
d. 5 to 7 lb

____ 4. The preschooler is expected to grow an average of:
a. 5 inches per year
b. 21/2 inches per year
c. 0.5 inch per year
d. 1 inch per year

____ 5. Alice Verga wants to know at what age her child will be able to accomplish self-care. You would tell her at preschool because of:
a. Gross motor development
b. Visual maturity
c. Fine motor development
d. Bone maturity

____ 6. To promote impulse control, it is best to use:
a. Discipline
b. Force
c. Cohesion
d. Medications

____ 7. The characteristic thinking pattern of 5-year-old Jamie is:
a. Magical
b. Critical
c. Dysfunctional
d. Paranoid

____ 8. The type of play in which children take turns and share their toys is known as:
a. Parallel
b. Isolated
c. Associative
d. Complex

____ 9. At a health teaching session at the local clinic, when instructing parents on toy selection for preschool children, the nurse should state, “Selection should be based on:
a. Stimulating fine motor development”
b. Decreasing gross motor development”
c. Delaying mental retardation”
d. Increasing stress level”

____ 10. An outcome of thumb sucking is:
a. Dental caries
b. Stomatitis
c. Speech impediment
d. Malalignment of the teeth


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