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Investigating Oceanography 3rd Editin By By Keith Sverdrup – Test Bank

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Investigating Oceanography 3rd Editin By By Keith Sverdrup – Test Bank

Investigating Oceanography, 3e (Sverdrup)
Chapter 6 The Atmosphere and the Oceans

1) Intense low pressure atmospheric storms in the Atlantic Ocean are called ________.

2) Intense low pressure atmospheric storms in the Western Pacific Ocean are called ________.

3) Maximum sea surface elevation along a coast occurs when storm surge coincides with high tide. This is called ________.

4) Identify which of the following gases have variable concentration in the atmosphere.
A) Nitrogen
B) Methane
C) Hydrogen
D) Carbon dioxide
E) Water vapor
F) Oxygen
G) Argon
H) Ozone

5) If the world’s sea ice melted, sea level would rise.

6) When sea ice forms, the surface water beneath the ice becomes less dense.

7) The tabular icebergs are formed from sea ice.

8) Castle bergs are formed from the continental ice sheets of Antarctica.

9) The atmospheric pressure bands that circle Earth do not change very much with the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.

10) In the Northern Hemisphere, the air circulation about a high pressure cell is clockwise.

11) In the Southern Hemisphere, the circulation of air about a low pressure system is clockwise.

12) In the Southern Hemisphere, the atmospheric low pressure belt centered on 60°S remains nearly continuous around the world at all seasons of the year.

13) The prevailing westerlies of the Northern Hemisphere are more steady in strength and direction than the trade winds.

14) The greenhouse effect is caused by the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere allowing outgoing radiation to exceed incoming radiation.

15) The annual variation in atmospheric carbon dioxide is caused primarily by seasonal photosynthesis on land in the Southern Hemisphere.


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