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Introduction to Social Problems 10th Edition Sullivan Test Bank

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Introduction to Social Problems 10th Edition Sullivan Test Bank

Chapter 8
Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Social Inequality

Chapter Outline

Men and Women in Society
The Biological Perspective
Myths and Facts: About Gender and Sexual Orientation
The Functionalist Perspective
The Conflict Perspective
The Interactionist Perspective

The Socialization of Men and Women
The Family
The Schools
Applied Research: Fighting Sexism in Higher Education
The Media and the Electronic World

The Extent of Gender Inequality in the United States
Economic Discrimination
Work and the Workplace
Discrimination in the Military
Other Types of Discrimination
Gender Inequality Involving Males

A Global Perspective on Gender Inequality

Homosexuality and Homophobia
Theories of Sexual Orientation
International Perspectives: The Treatment of Women in Other Societies
Women in Other Societies
Societal Reaction to Homosexuality
Attitudes toward Homosexuality
Discrimination against Gay Men and Lesbians
Sources of Homophobia
The Gay Community

Future Prospects
Collective Action and the Feminist Movement: A Global Struggle
Changes in the Law
Changes in the Workplace
Policy Issues: Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
The Changing Face of Politics
Collective Action by Gays and Lesbians
Masculine, Feminine, or Human?


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