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Interviewing Principles and Practices by Charles Stewart 15th Edition Test Bank

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Interviewing Principles and Practices by Charles Stewart 15th Edition Test Bank

Chapter 8: The Employment Interview


1. What are the essential elements of a chronological résumé?

2. How can you create a network tree?

3. Write five key questions you should ask during your self-analysis prior to an employment interview.

4. How can an applicant create a favorable first impression?

5. Describe the unique advantages of a functional résumé format.

6. List the characteristics of impressive career objectives.

7. In what ways do recruiters place importance on nonverbal communication when interviewing applicants?

8. What are five essential characteristics of successful applicants’ answers to recruiter questions?

9. Compose four unlawful questions and explain how you would respond to each of them.

10. List four types of answers that result in unsuccessful applicants.

11. Discuss the elements that should be included in an effective cover letter.

12. List five common questions that are expected to be asked during employment interviews.

13. Discuss five ways candidates “slip up” during interviews.

14. List five questions that are effective for an applicant to ask.

15. What are five questions you should ask yourself during your postinterview evaluation?

Multiple Choice

16. Which of the following statements is true about résumés?
a. Most recruiters spend a considerable amount of time scanning each résumé they receive from applicants.
b. Preparing the perfect résumé gets little attention in print and on the Internet.
c. An applicant is much more likely to land a job if he or she produces only one version of his or her résumé.
d. The sole purpose of a résumé is to obtain an interview that may lead to more interviews.
Ans: d



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