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Internet Marketing Integrating Online and Offline Strategies 3rd Edition By Robeerts And Zahay – Test Bank

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Internet Marketing Integrating Online and Offline Strategies 3rd Edition By Robeerts And Zahay – Test Bank

Chapter 8: Search Marketing: SEO and PPC


1. A site that lists items by topic is called a:

a. directory.
b. paid placement.
c. search engine.

ANS: A REF: p. 200

2. ________ is the development of web pages in a manner that is friendly to search engine spiders.

a. SEP
b. SEO
c. SEM

ANS: B REF: p. 200

3. The objective of keyword bidding is to:

a. get the best ranking for the lowest cost.
b. limit the amount of money the firm spends on search marketing.
c. always be ranked first.

ANS: A REF: p. 211

4. Internet users frequently use search engines to:

a. find their way around the web.
b. compare prices on products.
c. get specific content they want.

ANS: C REF: p. 198

5. A search engine determines rank on its results pages by:

a. vote of its users.
b. secret algorithms.
c. open source algorithms.

ANS: B REF: p. 203

6. ________ is the set of techniques designed to make web pages rank highly on search engine result pages.

a. SAS
b. SEO
c. SEM

ANS: C REF: p. 200

7. Among the techniques that can downgrade a page’s rank on the search engines are:

a. both of these choices.
b. flash pages.
c. links from sites with questionable or irrelevant content.

ANS: A REF: p. 207

8. Which of the following is a true statement about paid placement on search engines?

a. Google is the only search engine to offer paid advertisements.
b. In most search engines, bidding success determines ad placement.
c. Paid placement is no longer offered by most major search engines.

ANS: C REF: p. 200

9. Types of search include:

a. local search.
b. vertical search.
c. both of these choices.

ANS: C REF: pp. 215, 216

10. The most important influencer of organic search ranking is estimated to be:

a. web hosting.
b. link activity.
c. web page optimization.

ANS: B REF: p. 210


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