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Human Resource Information Systems Basics Applications and Future Directions 3rd Edition by Michael J. Kavanagh -Test Bank

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Human Resource Information Systems Basics Applications and Future Directions 3rd Edition by Michael J. Kavanagh -Test Bank

Multiple Choice

1. Using HR metrics to measure the effectiveness of one company’s HR programs against other companies is called:
A. organizational enhancement
B. baseline functionality
*C. benchmarking
D. risk avoidance

2. The primary purpose for the use of HR metrics and workforce analytics is to:
A. measure the effectiveness of HR programs
*B. help managers make different and better decisions
C. compare the differences among operational departments, e. g., finance, marketing
D. provide qualitative information about the functioning of the organization.

3. The most important factor that has led to increased emphasis on HR metrics and analytics is:
A. the costs involved in employee transactions
B. the quality revolution in the U. S.
*C. the increased use and implementation of integrated HRIS
D. the growing interest in evidence-based management

4. The metrics that focus on how well the HR department accomplishes its critical processes to support organizational effectiveness are:
A. Strategic realignment
B. Predictive analysis
C. computing infrastructures
*D. administrative process efficiency

5. HR metrics that focus on developing leading indicators of performance from several important perspectives are called:
*A. Dashboards
B. Data Mining
C. Workforce Modeling
D. Operational Experiments

6. “Big Data” refers to:
A. many Dashboards on One topic
*B. Multiple and varied Data Bases combined with various algorithms
C. A program to build more effective Benchmarks within an Organization
D. All of the above

7. Posting HR metrics and analytics analyses reports on internal company Web sites is called:
A. Putting HR Metrics and Analytics Data in Context
*B. Push systems of reporting
C. Bottom line reports
D. Benchmarking

8. The Saratoga Institute/SHRM Human Resources metrics are:
A. the HR metrics most frequently used in organizations
B. the foundation for the HRM benchmarking programs
C. the metrics used to measure or audit HR programs and activities
*D. all of the above

9. The technique used to identify causal mechanism within data and identify patterns of relationships is called:
*A. data mining
B. computing infrastructures
C. operational experiments
D. strategic realignment

10. Metrics are data (numbers) that reflect some detail about given organizational outcomes while analytics are:
A. used to calculate costs and benefits analyses
B. used to predict the future strategy of an organization
*C. strategies for combining metrics and examining changes in metrics
D. efforts to align real-time analysis of organizational and HR processes


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