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History of Western Society Concise Edition 12th Edition By McKay – Test Bank

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History of Western Society Concise Edition 12th Edition By McKay – Test Bank

Use the following to answer questions 1-16:

A) Code of conduct in which fighting to defend the Christian faith and protecting one’s countrymen was declared to have a sacred purpose.
B) A general inquiry about the wealth of his lands ordered by William of Normandy.
C) The buying and selling of church offices, a policy that was officially prohibited but often practiced.
D) The loose confederation of principalities, duchies, cities, bishoprics, and other types of regional governments stretching from Denmark to Rome and from Burgundy to Poland.
E) A special group of high clergy with the authority and power to elect the pope and the responsibility to govern the church when the office of the pope is vacant.
F) A penalty used by the Christian Church that meant being cut off from the sacraments and all Christian worship.
G) Groups of monastic houses following a particular rule.
H) Wars sponsored by the papacy for the recovery of Jerusalem and surrounding territories from the Muslims from the late eleventh to the late thirteenth centuries.
I) The Christian term for the conquest of Muslim territories in the Iberian Peninsula by Christian forces.
J) Men belonging to certain religious orders who did not live in monasteries but out in the world.
K) A body of English law established by King Henry II’s court that in the next two or three centuries became common to the entire country.
L) A peace treaty intended to redress the grievances that particular groups had against King John; it was later viewed as the source of English rights and liberty more generally.
M) Church law, which had its own courts and procedures.
N) Grants by the pope that lessened or eliminated the penance that sinners had to pay on earth and in purgatory before ascending to heaven.
O) The term used by early medieval writers to refer to the realm of Christianity.
P) An inheritance system in which the oldest son inherits all land and noble titles.

1. common law

2. Holy Roman Empire

3. Christendom

4. simony

5. college of cardinals

6. Magna Carta

7. reconquista

8. indulgences

9. Crusades

10. primogeniture

11. Domesday Book

12. excommunication

13. friars

14. chivalry

15. canon law

16. religious orders

Answer Key

1. K
2. D
3. O
4. C
5. E
6. L
7. I
8. N
9. H
10. P
11. B
12. F
13. J
14. A
15. M
16. G



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