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Health Psychology Theory Research and Practice 4th Edition By Marks – Test Bank

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Health Psychology Theory Research and Practice 4th Edition By Marks – Test Bank

Chapter 11

1. ________________ refers to the basic reading, writing and numeracy skills that enable individuals to function effectively in health care: *a. functional health literacy b. interactive health literacy c. critical health literacy d. none of the above 2. Activities that aim to promote critical health literacy involve: a. communication of health information to improve patient knowledge b. improving motivation and self-confidence to act upon the advice received *c. cognitive and social skills development and capacity-building to influence the wider, social health determinants d. none of the above 3. According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy in 2003, approximately how many people in the US had basic or below-basic health literacy: a. less than 10,000 people b. 250,000 people c. 10 million people *d. more than 70 million people 4. Which of the following statements is correct: a. poor health literacy is associated with higher hospitalization rates, greater use of emergency care and poorer access to immunization and screening services b. people with inadequate health literacy are less able to take medications appropriately and interpret labels c. people with limited health literacy prefer emergency care and have more preventable hospital admissions than those with adequate literacy skills *d. all of the above 5. Which of the following techniques involves confirming that the information was understood by asking patients to repeat or demonstrate what they had been told: *a. teach-back technique b. didactic teaching c. Ask Me 3 d. none of the above 6. Which of the following statements is correct: a. it is important to provide as much information as possible at every patient consultation *b. the use of medical jargon is a significant barrier that impede health communication c. there is no research evidence to support the use of visual aids to enhance understanding and recall d. all of the above 7. There is sufficient evidence to support the effectiveness of communication skills training courses to improve communication styles and attitudes among HCPs. Which of the following component(s) has/have been shown to be effective for training communication skills among GPs: a. learner-centred approaches b. focus on practicing skills, including role play c. feedback and small group discussions *d. all of the above 8. According to Schulz and Nakamoto (2013), although health literacy and empowerment may be related, they are distinct concepts. High levels of health literacy without improving patient empowerment can lead to: a. high-needs patients *b. needlessly dependent patients c. dangerous self-managers d. effective self-managers 9. In England, what was set-up to ensure that the quality of health and social care information is clear, accurate, impartial, evidence-based and up-to-date: *a. Information Standard b. Health and Social Care Group c. Evidence Review d. none of the above 10. Which of the agencies initiated the Healthy Cities Movement to create health-supportive environments through comprehensive local strategies for health protection and sustainable development: a. Health First *b. World Health Organisation c. Health Information Commission d. International Public Health


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