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What Is A Test Bank?

A Test Bank is the best ready-made electronic testing resource that instructors can efficiently design for their teaching. These are tailored questions created for individual books. There is an option or feedback provided on answers the students deliver. Using these test banks is considered academic cheating. If you are not observing it for your test, you must ensure that the tutee knows this very well. While on the other hand, they must criticize the students who have these test banks and can perform better in the exams. 

Types of questions on Test Banks

The test bank provides the students with various questions to attempt different questions based on MCQs, Fill in the blanks, and True/False. The purpose of these questions is that students can easily recognize and demonstrate that they have learned the material well. Some of the questions are the same and are asked from different perspectives. Therefore the trainer must be careful while they are selecting the questions. 

What questions are included on Test Bank Capital?

The questions asked in these test banks are based on the General Aptitude. There are, in total, 100 questions divided into three sections:

  1.   Quantitative Aptitude, in this section, there are 35 questions.
  2.   Reasoning Ability, there are 35 questions asked in this section.
  3.   In the English Language, 30 questions are invited from the tutees in this last section. 

Test Bank online legit

With the rating of 2.11 by the consumers out of nine reviews, it helps to indicate that most consumers are not satisfied with the price of purchasing.   

Can you get caught if you are using test banks?

Yes, but most of the time, the publishers try to keep the students from using these test banks under control. Their utmost demand is to keep these out of reach from the students.

Are the test banks anonymous?

The best test banks come up with one major drawback. Some of the students know the trick to get access to them. With the new advancement 

Do the Instructors use test banks?

Once the instructor adopts a textbook in the classroom, the publishers usually provide them with a supplemental, along with the copyrighted test banks. For many reasons, the instructors rely on these publishers’ test banks so they can help them to take the exams.        

What is a solution manual?

A solution manual is a book or document that contours and explains the solutions for a series of problems like mathematical problems. If you use solution manuals published on the web and the previous students issue them, it is academic dishonesty.  

Is buying a solution manual helpful?

Buying a solution manual is not helpful as it will only help you provide the answers. In contrast, the point is not only to give answers but also to find the solution to each questionnaire. These are useful if the solution manual asks how to find the answer. Otherwise, providing only the answer is not even considered satisfactory. 

What does it offer?

A solution manual offers a clear-cut and sharp edge over the most automated option that includes the advantage of being authored, and it can quickly be produced by the same people who write these textbooks. 

Where to find a solution manual for books?

These solution manuals are free of cost and can be obtained from the publisher’s book companion site. 

Where to get a solution manual?

Solution banks are easy to obtain and can be downloaded from various sites. They are also available on Google for free.  

Difference between solution banks and test banks

The test bank has practice exam questions with their answers also included. Whereas a solution bank only provides answers to the textbook’s problem, practice, and along with cases. 


As we know, students are investing their energy while studying, and the burden of exams and homework makes their personality aggressive. As the job market is improving, the demand for graduates is getting higher as they need those mentally stable graduates. 

Test banks and solution manuals help many students who want to achieve good marks in their exams. There are lots of benefits that enable the students to be mentally stable. 

Some of the significant benefits that are provided by these test banks and solution banks 

  • They have online access.
  • They are compatible and efficient.
  • It can be available at a low price,
  • A wide range of extensive solution manuals and the classification accessible. 
  • While surfing through the test bank manuals, you will get what you require. 
  • The best study tip is that it represents that one must pursue an inquiry altogether.
  • The book’s much-needed point is picking up the essential knowledge for you.

All Test Bank

Categories on Test Bank Capital

Test banks on Test Bank Capital are further divided into different categories; some types are discussed.

Nursing test bank

The Nursing Test Bank includes over 6500 questions based on nursing practice questions that cover a wide range of free nursing topics. You will not need a registration fee. According to research, nursing students, like the students in other higher educational programs, have also cheated during their academic careers. 

Pharmacology test bank

Pharmacology is the science that deals with biochemical and physiological aspects of drug effects. It also introduces absorption, metabolism, toxicity doses, and the specific mechanism of drug actions. The Pharmacology Test Bank questions encompass the sources, chemical properties, and also the uses of drugs.  

Medical assistant test bank

  The Medical Assistant Test Bank is divided into three categories,

  1. The general category consists of questions based on psychology, medical ethics, and medical terminology.
  2. The administrative class consists of scheduling, medical reception, and business practices.
  3. The clinical type consists of anatomy, physiology, and other topics. 

The exam is based on more than 180 questions, all of which will be counted towards your score. Sometimes there are additional 20 questions that are also counted towards your score that constitute a significant part of your pre-test.

Biological test bank

The Biological Test Bank is considered the best test bank for anyone looking to achieve the highest exam grade. More than 2000 have benefited from these. The test consists of 188 MCQs. These are several groups that are based on descriptions of laboratories and also the field situations. The time to achieve these questions is 2 hours and 50 minutes. 

Nutrition test bank

A Nutrition Test Bank is used to assess the stages of macronutrients and also the micronutrients in the blood. The test results can be compared to the average values’ reference range. It also helps doctors to diagnose nutritional deficiencies. 

Physiology test bank

Physiology is the study known as the normal function within the living creature. It is also a further sub-section of biology. The Physiology Test Bank covers various topics, including the organs, the anatomy, cells, the biological compounds, and how they all interact to make life possible. 

Social science test bank

Social science is the branch of academic study or science that deals with human behavior in its social and cultural aspects. The Social Sciences Test Bank is usually involved in the social sciences topics such as cultural anthropology, sociology, political science, and economics. 

Financial Accounting Test bank

For the accounting students, it is used as the basis for units that help investigate the financial accounting theory. It also helps provide more general coverage of aspects of financial accounting theory. It includes an approach from all over the world. The financial accounting test bank includes questions on the discussion on the internationalization of financial accounting, so it is also relevant to economic accounting theory for international students. 

Pathophysiology Test Bank

Pathophysiology is known as a combination of pathology and physiology. This means it is associated with functional changes that are also linked with the functional changes, connected with resulting diseases or injury. We also understand that these diseases are somehow good for the society that helps us push them away.


Many students spend their precious time preparing for the test. With the help of a test bank, the students can score better marks in less time. It is a compilation of all the questions from the previous papers. It is a platform for every individual to revise in a short period and can score good grades. It is quick and easy to attempt.

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